Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scallopin' salad.

Happy weekend everyone!

Last night's dinner was another easy one (surprise, surprise, right? :-))

I had bought a bag of bay scallops at the market the other day and decided to just saute them with some garlic, peppers and mushrooms, along with some spicy seasonings and just throw them onto a salad. I really like sea scallops so much better, but at $20 a pound, it gets a little expensive. One pound of frozen bay scallops cost $6.99.

Easy peasy on the the recipe: Defrost your scallops and rinse them off with cold water in a colander. In a pan or wok, saute the garlic in some olive oil and toss in your veggies. Let that all wilt a little and then put in your scallops. Saute those until the water they give off evaporates, adding your spices as well. I went with salt, pepper, garlic powder, Ancho Chili powder and cayenne pepper because I was really craving something spicy.

Meanwhile cut up some lettuce for your salad. I went with arugula, romaine and some specialty lettuces that I find in a plastic container at the supermarket. (see the photos below :-)) I also chopped up a few scallions and tossed those in with the lettuce because I love scallions and that extra, crunchy, flavorful, unexpected bite in the salad makes my day. (Its the little things, really.)

When your scallops and veggies are ready, put them on top of your cut lettuce and scallions and there you have it, dinner. My husband and I usually put the bowl between us, grab a couple of forks and two plates to avoid making a mess and just go to town on it while watching Breaking Bad or something. :-)

(I leave the lettuce dry because the oil and spices from the scallops will kind of coat the salad, so you really don't need excess oil or dressing on it.)

Here's what all the ingredients cost:

Bay scallops: $6.99
Romaine hearts: $4.99
Specialty lettuces: $4.99
Arugula: $2.50
Scallions: $.79 per bunch
Peppers: $1.20
Mushrooms: (small can) $.80

Here's what the meal cost:

Bay scallops: $6.99
Romaine hearts: $1.67 (for one)
Specialty lettuces: (for two bunches) $2.50
Arugula: (for 1/3 of the bag) $.83
Scallions: $.79
Peppers: $1.20
Mushrooms: (small can) $.80

A really yummy meal for about $14.78, give or take. And if you have any left over, it tastes fantastic the next day too :-)


Peppers for the saute, scallions for the salad.

Garlic, because I freaking love it. 


The greens.


Ready and waiting for the toppings.

Scallop saute.

Finished product.

Let's eat :-)

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