Friday, April 5, 2013

This isn't the Greek food I am used to...

Hey there, everyone :-) What's for dinner tonight? I'm seriously asking, what's everyone having?

I made a new favorite of ours last night that's supposed to be Greek, but I never had anything like this in the very Greek household I was raised in. That being said, who cares what its called? It was awesome.

I got the recipe here:

and being who I am, which is usually an incredible pain in the ass when it comes to modifying stuff, I modified this one too. :-)

Side note: I LOVE the site I got this from! There's a ton of recipes there that I am dying to try, take a look:

Okay so on to last night's dinner.

I usually buy thinly sliced chicken breasts for this dish because I kind of don't like when a chicken piece is too thick. A quirk of mine, indulge me. I get antibiotic and hormone free chicken from Fairway, but your local supermarket should carry that type of chicken too. I find that the flavor is better than the mass produced "regular" kind.

So, take your breasts (har dee har har) and put them flat on a cutting board. I also tend to pound my breasts with a mallet (yup, I got a million of 'em, folks) so that they are thinner. Pop a bag of microwaveable spinach in the nuker and cook it for a little less that's recommended on the package. When its done, transfer it to a bowl and get as much water out as you can without burning your hands completely. Get some feta cheese, (I use President Feta), and if you don't get the crumbles, mash up the block of cheese with a fork. Add it to the spinach and add some mayo to the mixture. I don't like using a lot of mayo and I would omit it completely if I didn't think it held the spinach and feta mixture together pretty well. Use your judgement here and add as much as you think you would like.

Here is where you can add some spices, too. I use a dash of dill and some pepper, though its not really necessary. Don't add any more salt, as the feta is salty enough.

Anyway, lay your chicken breasts down on a cutting board and spoon in some of the spinach and feta mix. Roll up the ends of the chicken, forming a "roll-up" and wrap a slice of bacon around the whole thing. Secure with toothpicks, sprinkle some pepper and garlic powder on top and place them in a baking pan. Heat your oven to 375 degrees and pop them in for about an hour, or until you feel they are done.

Cost of ingredients:

Chicken breasts: $15 (for 12)
Frozen spinach: $1.50
Feta: $5.00
Bacon: $3.99

You can feed a bunch of people for $25.49. Serve with a side salad, or in my case, leftover green beans and there you have it :-)

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!


Ready to go, sprinkled with some cayenne pepper and garlic powder.

Done after and hour and 10 minutes.

Let's eat :-)

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