Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pork chops with some crazy good sauce

Hello everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the spring (finally)!

Dinner from two nights ago was another easy recipe. I should probably stop saying that stuff is easy. I really never make anything complicated and I feel like adding the word "easy" to something that clearly is well, easy, is a tad redundant. I've said "easy" 5 times already, so tell you what: If I ever make something difficult, I will tell you it is difficult. Henceforth, you shall all know that everything I make is ... easy. (That's 6 times, who wants to play a drinking game? :-))

This is where I got the recipe:

I couldn't find medallions, so I sliced up a piece of pork loin I already had in the freezer. It came out a little dry, but maybe that's because I overcooked it a tad. One tip that I found came in handy: When pan frying something and you don't want it to get too dry and hard, add some water to your pan and keep an eye on it so that when the water evaporates, the meat doesn't get stuck to the pan. Overcooked or not, it was super delicious though. All I added to the meat was salt and pepper and a pinch of oregano. That's it.

Once the meat is cooked, transfer it to a plate and put some oil in a pan. You can use the same one from the pork, no one will judge you.

Throw in a can of mushrooms, or use fresh if you've got'em. Add some pepper and saute those for a few minutes. If you are using fresh mushrooms, saute for a little longer because they give off more water. Get your Boursin and put in a dollop (or in our case, half of the package) and let it melt over the mushrooms. Stir and take off the heat. Pour it on top of the meat, or put it in a bowl so everyone can add how much they want.

What's Boursin? Its a soft, spreadable cheese from France and it is really, really delicious. You can find it at the supermarket for about 5 dollars. Trust me, it is superb.

I paired the pork chops with some fresh spring dandelion greens and dinner was a major success. You read that right- dandelion greens. Get some, boil them lightly and come back to me with your comments.

If you don't know much about dandelion greens, read up on the many nutritional benefits here:

or do your own Google search :-)

Dinner costs:

Pork loin: $7.45
Boursin: $5.00
Mushrooms: $1.00

Total: $13.45 (not bad, I think)

I didn't include the cost of the greens because they were free from my backyard. Pesticide free and I couldn't get anything fresher if I tried. (They are also sold at grocery stores if you don't feel like rooting around your yard :-))

Happy eating!

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